Model Boats

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Row, Row, Row Your Model Boat

Model boats are great if you need a fun hobby that is sure to keep you entertained in all seasons. You can spend the great spring and summer time running your model boat on the water with your friends and family. In the fall and winter, you can work on new boats or make repairs to some of your favorite models. Putting together a model boat requires time, patience and even math and science skills.

Model Boats for Play and Display!

Use your great new model boats to inspire your children or grandchildren to pick up a hobby that is fun and educational. By putting together models, children are able to learn valuable skills such as math, science and woodworking. You can teach kids, and yourself, how to navigate on the water using the sun, or go out at night and use the stars. You may have a model boat, but your adventures certainly have life-size potential.

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